Noa Lara Meir is an Israeli Aerial Dancer, Choreographer and Physical Performer, currently based in Jaffa. Noa graduated from the 'Sandciel' School for Contemporary Circus in 2014 with a diploma in performance arts. Her works examine the boundaries of both the physical body and the mind, and touch subjects of body schema, expectations and the moment in which they break.

Noa is constantly in a search of new ways to use the classic technique of aerial acrobatics differently to express the depth of thoughts, concepts, and emotions. She incorporates uniquely interesting subtleties

which enhance the artistic and intimate experience that she conveys to the audience.  Her works challenge the accepted paradigms of an extremely challenging industry and ask questions about the intersections between transparency and beauty in the contemporary society.

Noa has participated in various international creation and performance courses, including SMASH (Berlin) and Self Performance (TLV). These courses contributed greatly to her work, refreshing her perspective of creation in the circus world and its possibilities. Her works have been showcased at various festivals and events across the globe. These have included the Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival, the Toronto Circus Sessions and the Modiin International Circus Festival.

In addition to her creative work, Noa has been teaching acrobatics and performance for the past 6 years. She seeks to pass on the power of circus as a therapeutic tool to overcome fears and obstacles. Noa is currently earning a B.A. in Psychology and Humanities at the Open University of Israel. Studying Literature and creative writing, but also physiology of the brain, is impacting significantly her creative practice and body work. This is well reflected in her latest piece, 'Shall we Fall?' in collaboration with aerialist Neta Pollak which she premiered in the
Bat Yam Festival for Street Theatre and Art in collaboration with aerialist Neta Pollak [Summer 2017]

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