Shall we Fall?

A Contemporary Circus Tale

The audience expects us to amaze, to perform challenging

maneuvers while hiding any signs of effort, to smile even when it's

hard to  breathe, to avoid making sounds, cover hints of pain, 

and wear leggings to disguise blue marks. More than anything, we are not allowed to fall.

But what if we fall?..


CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE : Neta pollak and Noa Lara Meir/ 

DRAMATURGY: Maya Arad Yasur/ ARTISTIC ADVICE: Haim Avramsky,

Anat Grigorio, Lee Méir, Stav Marin/  PRODUCTION: Neta Pollak and

Noa Lara Meir, Bat Yam Festival For Street Theatre and Art/


In a circus ring, in a world in which it is forbidden to fall, two aerial acrobats devotet hemselves to the freedom and joy of letting go. The piece explores the aspects that we, as circus artists, were taught to hide. We search for our place as women inside a field of art that  sanctifies body and strength. What is allowed? What is forbidden?


 "Shall We Fall?" is an earnest and intimate contemporary circus piece,

in which we explore  our relationship with the definitions the circus

world, with each other, and with the aerial hoop. We will remove

the leggings, reveal the wounds and find the beauty that exists exactly in the places that we routinely try to hide.